Frequently Asked Questions

This is a selection of our most common Guest-related questions. Click the \/ symbol to expand the answer. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, let us know. If you would like to speak with a Cast Member, contact us on discord.


We are a Minecraft-based Theme Park server community dedicated to faithfully recreating all of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida while providing the safest, most family-friendly environment anywhere online.
Imaginears Club is currently available for the JAVA version of Minecraft. To visit, open Minecraft. Next, click on “Multiplayer” (on the main menu). Now, click the “Add a Server” button and type in for the IP. That’s it!
Sure do! It’s at
Just like the real Disney Parks, you are able to enjoy immersive rides & attractions, meet characters (and get their autographs!), watch our many shows (including choreographed Fireworks Spectaculars synched to music), eat in restaurants, stay at a resort, and much MUCH more. You can also collect buttons, find unique food offerings at each restaurant, and parkour to your heart’s content! You have to explore to find all the hidden gems (and Mickeys)!
You can visit them by walking or ‘warping’ to them. You will find the complete list of locations by typing /warps rides while in the Magic Kingdom. You can also pick up a Map at /mainstreet. Just look behind you when you warp there.
We will soon offer our Guests a way to purchase the items they want as part of our MagicBand plugin. For now, each Guest may have 1 free hat, when a Cast Member is logged in. Simply meet them at /hats and ask them!
First, don’t worry. You can not be injured. Second, all food is FREE!! To get food, you can visit any Restaurant or Food Cart by walking or ‘warping’ to them. For a complete list, do /warps food to find somewhere to eat. The most common locations to visit are Starlight Cafe (/starlight), Casey’s Corner (/caseys), and Skipper Canteen (/skipper).
We do! Starting with choreographed Fireworks Spectaculars synched to music, we also hold annual events like our Seasonal Server, Conventions and more. All are announced on our Discord or Social Media.

If you would like to see fireworks, and there are multiple people on the server, simply as a Cast Member to run the show.

Yes, we currently have the Contemporary Resort (/cr). The Polynesian Village Resort (/poly), the Grand Floridian Spa and Resort (/gf) and more are under construction and on the way. Rooms may be rented, soon, using the MagicBand. (Please note the availability of room rental is dependent on our MagicBand and may be temporarily unavailable at this time)
You will have the best possible experience if you allow our current resource pack to be installed. Our pack loads automatically. Just be sure to set the server Resource Pack in the edit menu to ENABLED not PROMPT. Also, be sure to use ‘/audio‘ to complete the experience.
YES! At the entrance tunnels and behind you at /mainstreet. You may also follow the exact same Map as the real Walt Disney World Resort.
Not at this time. This is a limitation of Minecraft and not Imaginears Club. The JAVA version of the game does not connect the same network as Bedrock, XBOX, Playstation or Realms, yet.

HOWEVER, we have run a version of Imaginears Club on Bedrock and had great results. We are continuing development on a possible release  in the near future.

Until our MagicBand is complete, you may choose any room you wish at the Contemporary Resort.
In 2010, while sitting at home poor and unable to visit Walt Disney World, our owner decided to start building it in Minecraft. 11 years later, they have rebuilt the Magic Kingdom, and much of the property, no less than 6 times, been awarded 3 Guinness Book World Records, hosted an official panel at Minecon, helped run multiple other conventions, and more. What started as a pet project has now been seen by over a million unique Guests.
While they have never made a public announcement of acknowledgment, our owner was contracted by The Walt Disney Company for 3 1/2 years through their Maker Studios brand to create content on Social Media promoting their company. As of now, we have no connection to, nor make no claims of ownership to, anything owned by Disney, The Walt Disney Company, or ANY of its subsidiaries.
We never set specific dates. The reason for this is everyone you see working on the server is a VOLUNTEER. They are not paid to be here, therefore we have made it very clear to them that they can take as many breaks as needed and not feel pressured into building.

Our motto is simple:


We never set specific dates. The reason for this is everyone you see working on the server is a VOLUNTEER. They are not paid to be here, therefore we have made it very clear to them that they can take as many breaks as needed and not feel pressured into building.

Our motto is simple:


We have multiple secondary roles with varying titles. They are:
Special Guest: Usually a top content creator, including youtubers like AntVenom.
Legend: These are former Cast Members who helped us create the server and have lifetime recognition for their service and assistance. Much of what we are, what you see and more is thanks to their hard work, dedication and loyalty to Imaginears Club.
Yes! You can join Creative by doing /server creative from the Magic Kingdom and /server wdw from the Creative server to go back.

Technical/Known Issues:

That would be an issue with OptiFine, not our server. Press F4 to fix it.
If a Cast Member is on, they can assist you. If not, simply log out, log back in and use any warp, like /castle, to leave that location.
We allow OptiFine because it gives Guests better performance. Most other mods are not welcome as they give Guests benefits over other Guests. We especially do not allow map-saving mods.
Our Park is built as a complete experience. In order to better immerse you into the MAGIC of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, /audio is required as it helps make sense of your surroundings and gives you a better understanding of what is happening.

For example, a ride on the Monorail from /ttc will be extremely boring and you will wonder what is happening and when you can get off. With /audio, there is no question because you can hear where you are, where you are going, and how far along you are!

Our incredible tools are purposely sensitive. In order to better protect our Guests, they will sometimes filter out words that aren’t ‘bad’. Please understand that chat is always moderated, 24 hours a day, and any infraction is dealt with if it is real. Otherwise, we ask that you not worry and just continue to enjoy the parks!
In an attempt to avoid our swear filter, some Guests were using ‘unicode’ characters for letters ⓛⓘⓚⓔ ⓣⓗⓘⓢ instead of normal letters like this. Because the unicode table is ever-expanding, we won’t be able to keep up with different additions of letters like those displayed above. As a result, we only allow normal lettering and symbols commonly found on keyboards in our chat.


We have multiple Cast Member roles with varying titles. There are:
Cast Members: Our all-round team dedicated to assisting you with questions, fun and more.
Guest Services: Dedicated to the direct handling of Guest inquiries.
Imagineers: Team members that create our shows, rides and parks.
Developers: Those who maintain the servers and develop new features.
Managers: The Cast Member leadership team that handles all departments in the Parks.
Anyone can apply! Check the pinned messages in the #general channel on our Discord to submit an application.
They are always open! Check the pinned messages in the #general channel on our Discord.
We aim to host them monthly. We announce them on Discord.


We are lucky enough to have a variety of familiar Characters. Which characters are present may vary depending on the day you arrive, the time you are in the parks or which park you are visiting. You can rest assured you will meet Mickey, at some point.
We will have more information on this, at a later date, on our Discord.
Our characters value our Guests and are happy to sign for them, when available. Please note, though, that certain characters may only sign on specific days in specific locations. This is to offer everyone an equal opportunity to meet that character and prevent any issues arising from lost books or crowding during photos.


We currently show support to our Contributors with different Passholder variants: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum+. More info at
As little as $5 – but the more you contribute, the better the Parks can be. Your generosity can lead to amazing updates and the hiring of more developers!
Please visit for more info. All our Passholder variants fully adhere to Mojang’s EULA.